Who remembers? Fun days at Milky Paradise


Years ago Milky Paradise was located in the middle of town in Vanderbijlpark. Residents loved spending a hot summer day there. 

“Milky Paradise’s mmmm ice cream will never be forgotten.” – Local resident

For some, Milky Paradise had the nicest peppermint crisp ice cream and for others, it was the most enjoyable place to go with the family on a Saturday.

“Ek het elke einde van die maand deur gekom van JHB af en dan het ek, my kids en my moeksie hier geeet. Die kids was mal or die yskas vol speelgoed waarvan jy kon kies. Hulle kos was ongelooflik lekker, vars en goedkoop. Memories!” – Malitha Boucher

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