Ster-kinekor’s new prices won’t have people watching movies anymore


Ster-kinekor’s new prices are making customers think twice before going to the movies.

People are upset that they have to pay so much just to enjoy a movie.

This was their response on all the complaints they have been receiving:

“Thanks to everyone for sending your messages through.
With the economy where it is we can certainly appreciate that South Africans are feeling the pinch.

The price markup on snacks and beverages is not unique to SK. Cinemas, concert venues and stadiums all over the world charge a premium, compared to grocery outlets, for concessionary items.
However, in an effort to enhance the value of the cinema experience, we offer movie-lovers a variety of discounts and loyalty programs to help get that little bit extra when enjoying a big screen experience! These include half price Tuesday benefits through SK CLUB, as well as daily discounts of up to 50% through our partnerships with Edgars and Discovery Vitality.

The aim of these programs is to give our audience the opportunity to experience more movies more often.
For more info on these and other promos be sure to check out our website.” – SK Team.



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