The most hijacked cars in South Africa


Vehicle tracking company Ctrack has released its hijacking statistics, detailing which vehicles, SUVs, trucks and vehicle manufacturers are being targeted by criminals.

According to the report, the most hijacked passenger vehicle in South Africa is the Volkswagen Polo.

You should always stay calm as your life is more important than an expensive car.

As a result, Volkswagen, followed by Toyota and Ford were the most targeted manufacturers in the country.

Here’s what to do to protect yourself and your family and prevent such a dreadful situation:

  • Look out for suspicious people when you bring your vehicle to a stop near gates or driveways.
  • Be alert when stopping at traffic lights and stop signs.
  • Drive away as soon as someone suspicious approaches your vehicle.
  • Always keep your doors locked and windows closed.
  • Your valuables should be out of sight – so no driving and texting.
  • Don’t respond when someone is indicating that there is something wrong with your vehicle. Rather stop at a garage to have a look.
  • Make sure that you are not being followed when driving home.

Remember that if you are hijacked you should try and remember as much detail regarding the hijackers as possible.




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