Mmusi Maimane urges young South Africans to vote


Mmusi Maimane urges all to go out and register in order to be able to vote in 2019 for a government that will serve all the people of South Africa. 

I’m today urging young people; come out in your numbers and register. It’s about our future, where jobs can be created for the youth. Let the young lions roar! – Mmusi Maimane

Mmusi with his mother and sister this weekend. Registered to vote in 2019.

Mmusi is focused on building a bright future where young South Africans are given the opportunity they need to find work and to be able to provide for their families.

Let’s all make history in 2019. Our country needs a government that grows the economy so work can be created for those left out, especially young people. 2019 is about our tomorrow! – Mmusi Maimane

Remember, if your address information is missing or incorrect, you may not be able to vote in 2019!


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