Rihanna’s balaclava might be the start of a new fashion trend


Rihanna stepped out wearing a Gucci balaclava on her face at Coachella on Sunday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

Coachella style might be somewhat of a predictable uniform these days (denim cut-offs and crop top), but Rihanna ignored every Coachella style cliche and wore a balaclava instead.

Showing a spectacular disregard to the hot desert weather, the singer wore a knit Gucci balaclava, designed as a reference to a Japanese dance-drama called Kabuki where performers wear elaborate, theatrical make-up. The mask was then festooned with dazzling jewels.

Photo: Courtesy of Priscilla Ono / @priscillaono

Rihanna also posted a series of photos to her Instagram account showing off her latest chic Coachella look.

Photo: Instagram




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