Residents furious about clothing being dumped


Vanderbijlpark residents have flocked to Facebook after Lochvaal Emfuleni Welfare dumped clothes at an illegal dumping site. 

Residents said that the clothes being dumped were very old clothes, either XL or for children. Among the clothing you could also see school shoes.

“They say they did not know it’s an illegal dump site, though we’ve been talking about it for a while, and then suddenly they become defensive and try to justify what they had done.”- Local resident

Photo: Facebook

As soon as Selma Jonker from Lochvaal Emfuleni Welfare heard that people were unhappy she released a statement saying that their storeroom is cleaned out once every 5 years. She also said that they know that the underprivileged who live near dumping sites are thankful for any clothing they receive. She apologizes for the fact that they weren’t aware that it was an illegal dumping site, where they had dropped off the clothing.

Most residents had said that they will not be supporting Lochvaal Emfuleni Welfare in the near future and will rather make sure clothing is hand delivered to the underprivileged.


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