Peacehaven residents living in sewage


Peacehaven residents are still trying to reach out to Emfuleni Local Municipality to take action in the area as sewage is flowing into roads and private properties. 

Not only is the smell in the area unbearable, but there are mosquitoes everywhere and due to overgrown grass, residents need to use alternative routes to get to Three Rivers.

Peacehaven residents would like to ask Emfuleni Local Municipality for assistance with the problem in the area.

The long grass has already caused unnecessary accidents as motorists find it difficult to see oncoming traffic.

People have even started burning the long grass, leaves and rubbish in the roads and parks. This makes the smell even worse.

Furthermore, residents are prone to health risks caused by the overflown sewage pumps and furious that Emfuleni Local Municipality has still not done anything to solve the problem.


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