Shanei Norris: her road to recovery in private care


Shanei Norris has now been moved to a private hospital in Vanderbijlpark. This was all made possible by friends and family who contributed to the trust fund that had been set up for her. 

Shanei who had been in an accident in March and lost her one-year-old daughter, had been admitted in a state hospital where she did not receive the necessary care when she was moved to a general ward.

Caring friends and members of the public have donated a sum of R69 922.95 towards the Shanei Norris Trust.

As soon as there was enough funds in the trust, Shanei could be moved to a private hospital. So far she has been well cared for and her road to recovery has started. She will soon receive physiotherapy and the news of her little girl will be given to her when she is in a much stable condition and when the time is right.

As for now funds are still needed for Shanei as her road to recovery will be a long and difficult process.

For more information on how to donate visit the Mommy Shanei Facebook page.


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