[Bizzare] Domestic disturbance was actually man arguing with parrot

Police officers investigating a domestic disturbance call were shocked to find out it was actually just a man arguing with his girlfriend’s parrot.
A domestic disturbance raised to police turned out to actually be a man arguing with a parrot.
A resident in Loerrach, Germany, called officers this week after he heard shouting and rowing from a next door apartment, and became increasingly concerned it was getting out of hand.
Once the police arrived, it became clear the shouting match was between a man and his girlfriend’s pet, as reported by the Metro.
To make matters worse, it appears the bird could only respond by barking – with the 22-year-old man telling officers he had become annoyed with the parrot.
It’s said police decided not to take things any further with what turned out to be a false alarm.

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