Facebook no longer the most popular social media site


According to a new study, Facebook is no longer the most popular social media site among teenagers.

The Pew Research Centre has revealed  that only 51% of US teens use Facebook. That’s a 20% drop since 2015.

This isn’t great news for Facebook on the face of things. The social media company’s audience is ageing and shifting to other platforms and, with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company’s lost a lot of sheen.

What is popular among teenagers now? About 85% of these adolescents use YouTube. 72% of them are also active on Instagram and 69% use Snapchat. Meanwhile, Twitter followed at 32%, and Tumblr’s popularity of 14% remained the same since the 2015 survey.

Facebook recently rebounded from its first-ever decline in users in the US and Canada. But overall, its global growth has slowed. The two countries account for 185 million daily users.

We have compiled a list of top 15 most popular social networking worldwide. New social media sites are coming and going but these have stood the test of time.

Here’s the graph of top 15 social networking sites in the world. As you can see Facebook is leading the pack with a huge margin in front of Youtube.

Here you can see monthly active users on each social media site:


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