Great progress for mommy Shanei


Shanei had been in an accident in March 2018 and lost her one-year-old daughter. She had to receive rehabilitation so that she would be able to walk again.

Shanei’s recovery has been going well so far. Soon she will be strong enough to walk on her own. 

“My sister she is really doing so well her right leg is now 100% straight. They have removed the cast and have now given instructions that she uses the walker to the eating area and back shes still in the wheelchair till she strong enough to walk on her own but we are indeed so proud of her progress..

Our main focus is to get her mobile and then next step is work on the head/brain injury. But I must say what an improvement that has been too, today when visiting her she knows every nurse by name but her short term memory still bad but we know she has come this far only great things going forward.

Please understand I wont be posting anything if there has not been progress.

Shanei is in a really good space she smiles every day and brings pure joy to all the people in the home they love her to bits

She has a beautiful little soul” – Tracey Norris

To show your support you can join the Mommy Shanei Facebook group. 


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