Update: Dead animals are dumped on a weekly basis


A photo of a garbage truck with dead animals at the back of it had been previously posted on Facebook by Milan Kovacevic, who was concerned as to where these animals are picked up from and where there bodies are dumped.

Milan did concerned residence a favour by finding out exactly what happened and to also get a legal view on the matter.

“The dogs at the back of the truck get picked up from various vet’s on a weekly basis.
Municipality is by law instructed to dispose of the bodies in a certain manner.

The dogs are meant to be put in to thick black bags (even though bags are not bio degradable) there after the dogs are meant to buried same day in a prepared grave/trench and covered up right away.

However what is happening is that these dogs are taken to various dumps, Redan mainly and dumped alongside other rubbish plastic and simply left there to rot away.

After speaking to a few people at Redan dump today i have found out that this happens on a weekly basis..and the pile they in are “sometimes” set alight. And other times a TLB at the dumps just pushes them aside with the other rubbish and leaves them there and at times the dogs are just thrown out in open sight.

I have tried to get a hold of Emfuleni and have had no luck getting to the right person. Nobody seems to want to take responsibility.

There are so many factors to this form of dissposal that are not legal and shorcuts are being taken mainly due to the fact that there is 0 supervision when it comes to disposale of these pets.

I will try and get a statement from Emfuleni. I have however alerted the correct authorities to the matter but highly doubt it will be resolved from the attitude i received during the phone calls. Unfortunately i feel as my complaint alone will not shake up any action at Emfuleni. It is downright shocking the way they cutting corners on the Waste Act and 5 minutes at the dump and you will see so many violations. But hey if Duncanville dump looks the way it does how much more can we expect from a failing government in other places?

Will report back as soon as i have more answers.”

Please note the information provided above is not aimed at Vets but rather the lack of supervision done by the local municipality. 


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