Carte Blanche uncovers truth behind PurrPaws abuse allegations


In January, a well-known animal shelter in the Free State burnt down, killing about 30 animals. Members of the public joined in the rescue of hundreds more dogs and cats. While as much as a million rand of public donations poured in, Carte Blanche investigates allegations that that the animals had suffered abuse and neglect.

When speaking to a former worker, Carte Blache uncovered that some animals did not arrive sick at the shelter and that they would become sick after a couple of days. Some of the cat’s eyes would start to swell and would later suffer a painful death.

The majority of the animals were also not sterilized which lead to dogs breading and fighting.

Since 2016 there have been over 40 SPCA inspections but the alleged abuse on animals goes back 7 year.

Watch the full episode here: Animal shelter investigation

Carte Blanche also confronted Lindie about allegations in regards to the funds PurrPaws received by members of the public an organizations. She claims that her financials and records of the animals all burnt down.

Furthermore, Lindie says that she will continue the facility but she will not take in any cats.


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