Eckhard Binding starts incredible initiative to unite South Africa!


The young man who went viral after standing up to EFF members has started an incredible initiative to unite South Africa!

A 21-year-old University of the Free State (UFS) student who went viral this week, for standing up against EFF members throwing trash on the ground, has started an incredible initiative to unite South Africa.

Eckhard Binding created a social media frenzy after he was captured continuously picking up rubbish while EFF members repeatedly threw it back on the ground, mocking him! The persistent South African said that he started picking up the litter because he was angry, and wanted to set a better example.

“I got angry.  Alone, you cannot do anything other than to set a good example. That is all I tried to do there.”

The video has already garnered over 2 million views in just 2 days and created an important online conversation about the current state of the nation, manners and respect for each other.

Eckhard has also been offered over R15 000 in donations for his heroic efforts, while one social media user who saw the video offered to pay for his studies in full!

“I haven’t received the funds just yet. There are actually numerous people who have wanted to donate. I think if we’re going to have a look at how many people, it’s quite a few from all over the world … Dubai, Canada, USA … who want to donate.”

The young South African never expected the video to do so well but believes that this is an opportunity for us all to unite!

He has started a new Facebook page called “Start Talking SA” with an idea in mind to improve social cohesion by promoting dialogue and language studies.

“Throwing around of faeces and rubbish has become such a regular thing in South Africa. So much so that it is not even reaching the back page of a newspaper and is seen as just another thing that happens in our country.

Eckhard Binding stood up and single-handedly started showing the country what each and every one of us should do.

Do not stand by and look, rather become part of the solution.

Let us clean up, and let us stand up against what is wrong. Let’s never forget and turn a blind eye against what is wrong and destroying our nations pride.”

Eckhard has also started a crowd-funding page to collect donations in order to create his language programmes.

“We will use the funds to start creating programmes to teach languages – African languages and Afrikaans – to those who do not know them. Furthermore, there is great potential to build low-cost education facilities, for those in regions in which it is most needed. Opportunity for growth has no limit.”

If you are interested or want more info, click here.

A big thanks to Good Things Guy for sharing the above information about Eckhard on Facebook.


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