South Africa’s very first plastic road


Jeffrey’s Bay will be paving the way for recycling in the country, literally, as it prepares to pilot the first plastic road ever constructed in South Africa in an attempt to reduce road maintenance costs.

Horatio Hendricks, executive mayor of Kouga Municipality, said the local authority had entered a partnership with Scottish company MacRebur and South African civil engineering experts to build ‘the first plastic road’ in Jeffrey’s Bay.

The plastic roads are said to last longer than traditional tar roads. It will be made from recycled plastic materials broken down into pellets. MacRebur already tested the viability of plastic roads in the United Kingdom.

Road constructed from recycled plastic materials. Photo: MacRebur

It will, however, be the first road of its kind in South Africa. Potholes should be a thing of the past as water won’t be able to seep through as easily.

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