Sexiest accent in the world: here’s where SA is ranked


New Zealand and South African accents are ranked first and second in survey to identify the top 50 sexiest accents in the world.

Big 7 Media, an international digital platform focusing on travel, food and hotels which produces city guides for travelers says it polled its readers across the globe to find the world’s sexiest accent for 2019.

1.5 million people from 60 countries took a survey and voted for the sexiest accents in the world. The votes came in, and South Africa placed second on the list. First place went to the Kiwis, with the dialect being described as “outrageously charming”.

“Afrikaans is a hugely popular accent with many people across the globe, thanks to its  unique tones and Saffa slang,” – Big 5 Media

Top 10 Sexiest Accents 2019:

10th. Brazilian Portuguese
9th. U.S Southern
8th. Spanish
7th. French
6th. Scottish
5th. Australian
4th. Italian
3rd. Irish
2nd. South African
1st. Kiwi


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