Charmaine waves goodbye to 7de Laan


After 19 years of playing the much loved Charmaine Meintjies, Vinette Ebrahim will be saying goodbye to 7de Laan.

The 62-year-old actress has gone through every up and down as Charmaine on the SABC 2 Afrikaans soapie and the news of her exit didn’t sit well with many of her core fans.

In a statement released by Danie Odendaal Productions, executive producer Danie Odendaal said: “It is with great sadness that 7de Laan says goodbye to Charmaine Meintjies and her troublesome identical twin sister Vivian – portrayed by the talented Vinette Ebrahim.

“Charmaine is a character deeply invested in family values, friendship and service to others. Her personal and familial dynamics, challenges and family issues have kept South Africans entertained for over 19 years. The time has, however, come for her to bow out with grace and flair”, said Odendaal. 

He further added that in a long-running television series it often happens that a character’s journey comes to an end. “After evaluating past and current storylines of 7de Laan, it has transpired that all potential stories around Charmaine and Vivian have been exhausted.”


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