Vehicle Servicing: 5 Essential Checks Before A Long Holiday Drive


    Many people will be travelling to catch up with family during the December holidays. But before you get on the road for that long road trip ensure you have everything in order when it comes to your vehicle and your family’s safety. 

    Here are 5 essential checks after having your car serviced.

    1. Itemised bill

    An itemized bill is always prepared after you get the car serviced. Make sure to check that it carries the price of the item it was approximately quoted to you.

    2. Engine oil / Transmission oil

    The engine is the heart of your car and for it to function properly, it needs engine oil change as well as filter change. Depending on when you are getting the engine oil changed, observe the colour before and after. New oil would be lighter in colour.

    3. Coolant / Brake fluid

    It’s important that the engine coolant is changed after a few thousand kilometers since it loses its properties after sometime. Depending on the car manufacturer’s recommendation, you may need to replace / refill the brake fluid too. While there’s no way you can ascertain if this has been done or not unless you see it while it’s being done. It’s better to stay in the observation bay where you can actually see it happening.

    4. Fuel level

    Service advisors mark the fuel level on the job sheet to ensure that it’s not being misused. It’s common practise to check your fuel level.

    5. Air filter

    A check for air filter can be easily done by opening the air filter housing and taking it out. The air filter is meant to be replaced after few thousand km’s and should be cleaned ever time your car goes for a service. It contributes to the engine health in great deal.

    Looking for a place to have your car serviced?

    Car Care Clinic Service Centre is a trustworthy place to take your vehicle to. They offer major services from R795. They use genuine replacement parts and a 10 000 km or 6 month guarantee.

    Their major car service includes:
    – New spark plugs
    – New air filter
    – New oil filter
    – New plastic inline fuel filter
    – New engine oil
    – Points & Condenser
    – CO Test & set timing
    – Adjust handbrake & foot brake
    – Check and adjust V-belts
    – Visual check on driveshafts
    – Steering
    – Fuel lines
    – Cooling system
    – Electrical charge and charge rates
    – Diagnostic scan
    – Car wash and vacuum
    – Full report on all defects found

    You can book your car in for a FREE 76 point safety check (worth R454).
    Visit Car Care Clinic Vanderbijlpark or Vereeniging.
    Contact details:
    Vanderbijlpark: 074 622 1585 / 067 833 4187
    Vereeniging: 076 250 4567 / 072 913 1217


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