Cold front expected to hit Gauteng areas on Wednesday


After experiencing a heatwave that sent temperatures rocketing to over 40ºC in parts of the country, South Africa may be in for some relief as the national weather forecaster predicts a cooler and wetter week ahead.

The effects of the big cold front that landed in the Western Cape overnight are already being felt in Gauteng.

The South African Weather Service said the cold front would move through the province on Wednesday, with maximum temperatures hovering around 15 degrees.

Forecaster Kumsa Masizana said relief from the heatwave was well on its way as it was expected to have left the eastern parts of the Northern Cape, parts of the Free State and North West by Tuesday.

However, she said it would only completely dissipate from the other parts of the country – particularly the northeastern provinces – today as a cold front was expected to come into the country and make landfall.

She added that the cold front would only touch the southern provinces before making its exit from the country, leaving behind cool air.


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