Eskom: No end to load shedding crisis


Despite its efforts to minimise load shedding and repairing of power systems, Eskom has announced that the country could experience two more years of power cuts.

Deputy spokesperson Dikatso Mothae said the power station units haven’t been properly maintained for a number of years which will result into more years of power cuts.

Eskom has been implementing blackouts since last week Thursday, citing wet coal and, a vulnerable and unreliable system, among their reasons.

“The bigger issue is because we have not maintained our power station units over many years. It is going to take some time to get to a state where they are more reliable. Currently, the system is very vulnerable and unpredictable.” – Dikatso Mothae

But as we all know the situation on the electricity front is not getting any better with Eskom implementing stage 4 load shedding again from 10 am on Monday morning, 9 Dec, 2019.


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