Devi Sankaree Govender bids Carte Blanche farewell


Investigative journalist Devi Sankaree Govender bids farewell to Carte Blanche after 18 years. 

Devi will make her last appearance on Sunday, January 26. She has decided to explore new career opportunities.

“Working on Carte Blanche has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. It led me into the hearts, minds and homes of our people.” 

Carte Blanche has been engrained in Devi’s DNA since she watched its very first episode in 1988. Growing up in Umzinto in KZN, the show resonated so strongly with Devi that she proudly pronounced to her family that she would one day be part of the Carte Blanche team. 

Her dream became a reality in January 2002. Her very first assignment was to cover a story of absolute brutality – the rape of nine-month-old Baby Tsepang. 

With an inherent need for justice running through her veins, Devi never shied away from turning on the heat during interviews. By doing this she has made a huge impact in society.

“My fondest memories of the show will always be tied to pinning down the bad guys. That’s what I do best.”

Carte Blanche said it will be celebrating Govender’s immense contribution to the show during the broadcast on January 26.

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