Spain turns ice rink into a morgue

Spain turns ice rink into a morgue

By trying to cope with the fallout from the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak, Spain turns an ice rink into a temporary morgue.

Spain turns ice rink into a morgue

On March 24, the Health Ministry announced around 500 new deaths and 6,600 cases overnight.

Because of the increase in deaths, Spain had no other choice as to turn an ice rink into a morgue.

Spain has the fourth highest number of confirmed cases worldwide – after China, Italy and the US.

The country has been locked down and in a state of emergency since Friday March 13.

The lockdown in Spain might be extended to further cope with the spreading of COVID-19.

Emergency hospitals have been set up across the country, residents have been ordered to stay indoors apart from for essential trips.

Furthermore normally busy streets in Spain have been left deserted.

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