Answers: idioms, phrases and nouns

Answers: idioms

Answers: well-known idioms, phrases and nouns are portrayed in these cute pictures. See how many you can guess correctly.

Idioms, phrases and nouns:

Answers: Well-known idioms
Wait a moment.
Answers: Well-known idioms
Knowledge of a broad range of facts.
Answers: Well-known idioms
With sincere and deep feeling
Answers: Well-known idioms
Very cold water
Answers: Well-known idioms
Sodium bicarbonate used in cooking, cleaning, or in toothpaste.
Answers: Well-known idioms
Ill feeling. “There has always been bad blood between these two people”
A sweet dish made with bananas cut down the middle and filled with ice cream, sauce, and nuts.
A tight embrace.
In a sad or miserable state, unhappily.
Kept for company. Brings love to a home.
Used for display or in celebrations.
An outburst of anger, or a display of great skill or energy.
Ready to dance.
Idiom: Win praise for oneself by pre-empting someone else’s attempt to impress.
Also known as: Death by a thousand paper cuts.
Talking about a product or a project. During a meeting someone used the expression “Death by a thousand paper cuts“.
To engage in an activity, with the goal of making time seem to pass more quickly or less slowly.
Old-fashioned or traditional.
An instance of paper becoming stuck in a printer, photocopier, etc.
Rogue or scamp.
Television or radio drama serial dealing typically with daily events in the lives of people.
To lift your glass and express a wish or desire for success, happiness or other good news.
Noun: a tablet which helps to induce sleep.
To cause someone to become noticeably excited.
Brief pain in the head induced by the consumption of very cold food or drink.
Noun: an area where a person’s view is obstructed.
Do something perfunctorily so as to save time or money.
The way a person looks at something, someone with a sense of desire.
Phrase: Take foolish risks.
Noun: A rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman.
Making it possible to do something quickly.
Noun: the activity of looking at goods displayed in shop windows.
An attractive but inessential addition.
Escape from a difficult situation narrowly or by an unexpected intervention.
Letting thoughts come into your head freely, without directing them or concentrating on anything.
Answers: Well-known idioms
Phrase: Reveal secret information unintentionally.
Answers: Well-known idioms
Forget your problems, stop worrying about things, think about positive things. 
Answers: Well-known idioms
Be confronted with the unpleasant consequences of one’s actions.
Answers: Well-known idioms
Take a nap, go to sleep.
Answers: Well-known idioms
Attractive and entertaining.
Answers: Well-known idioms
A point where you have to make a decision and choose which possibility you are going to stick with. 
Answers: Well-known idioms
Easily prepared processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or to be taken away.

Created by artist Keren Rosen of Dings & Doodles. Prints of Keren’s literal idioms are available to purchase online from her Etsy store.

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