Animals take over empty streets


Animals are taking over empty streets during the COVID-19 lockdown. It’s clear that the complete lockdown is proving to be beneficial for the planet in a big way. 

Crowded cities have become safe for animals to roam freely in the absence of humans.

Here are some images taken around the world:

A dozen peacocks paid a visit at the Khareghat Parsi Colony in Tardeo, Mumbai, recently.


Critically endangered sea turtles hatched on a beach in Brazil. The turtles who for years have been victims to poaching, over-tourism, and fishing, finally got a chance to hatch peacefully. 


Video taken in Langebaan, Western Cape province of South Africa.

The Chilean capital of Santiago located mostly near the wild peaks of Andes Mountains recently spotted two wild pumas running on the streets. 


A herd of resident deer ditching their usual habitat and roaming freely in Japan.

Squirrels were seen at parks in California.

Recently, an unusual occurrence of a herd of fallow deer came as a surprise to the residents of Harold Hill in East London, England.

Ducks were recently seen taking a walk near the Comédie Française theatre of Paris


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