Answer: I have 6 eggs I broke 2


The “I have 6 eggs I broke 2” riddle, is the latest riddle to do the rounds on Social Media and has everyone guessing and debating what the right answer is.

I have 6 eggs, I broke 2

The short answer is 6 eggs. Now, let’s deep dive and explain our point of view on this one.

I have 6 eggs I broke 2
  • “I have 6 eggs”, implies that you currently have 6 eggs: Present tense
  • “I broke 2”, implies that you broke them: Past tense
  • “I cooked 2”, implies that you already cooked them: Past tense
  • “I ate 2”, implies that you already ate two eggs: Past tense

So the most likely answer is that 6 eggs are left and that the person started out with 1 dozen eggs.

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