Answer: Can you see the cat?

Can you see the cat

Here’s the answer to the “Can you see the cat?” challenge. We explain how you can easily find it in the picture.

What’s it all about?

People are sharing a picture of a woman holding a broom on social media.

The woman is standing in front of a brick wall, a door and a curtain, with a mop and a bucket next to her.

The question is simple: “Can you see the cat?”

How to find the cat:

At first it doesn’t seem possible to find a cat hiding in the picture. If you look closely enough you’ll find the outline, or silhouette, of a cat.

  • Rotate your phone to the right, so that the woman’s pointed elbow is facing up.
  • Look at the yellow wall between the woman’s head and the curtain. The curtain isn’t completely straight
  • Now look at the curve of the curtain and the outline of the woman’s face and shoulder. You’ll see that it creates an outline of a cat.
Can you see the cat

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