New Facebook ‘care’ reactions


Facebook has introduced ‘care reactions’ for both Facebook and Messenger. It’s to help people show others support against the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Alexandru Voica, one of Facebook executives, made the announcement on Twitter.

“It’s a way for people to share their support with one another during this unprecedented time.”  – Alexandru Voica

People all around the world are going through difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some are finding it really hard to cope and are in desperate need for support from friends and family members. When times are tough, it’s a simple hug that makes us feel better. This is one of the reasons why Facebook has introduced the care reaction (an emoji hugging a heart).

The ‘Care’ Reaction is a smiley face character hugging a heart, and will be the seventh Reaction added to the set.

In addition to the emoji hugging a heart on Facebook, there’s also a new heart reaction for Messenger only. People can now show extra love and support.

Fidji Simo – head of the Facebook App explains the following:

This idea of a hug reaction came back consistently as one of the emotions and feelings that were missing from Reactions, so that’s something that was always on our minds. And with the crisis that we’re going through right now, there’s no doubt that people need more compassion, more support.”

How to get the hug reaction:

  • Find a Facebook post that you would like to ‘care’ for. 
  • Hold down the ‘Like’ button underneath the post. 
  • Six options will pop up representing different emotions.
  • Drag your finger to the smiley hugging a heart.

How to get the heart reaction:

  • Hold down on the message that you want to send the heart reaction to.
  • All the different reactions will show. 
  • Click on the pink and purple heart reaction.

It might still take some time before these reactions appear on everyone’s Facebook. You can update your Facebook app to see if they might appear. 

Did you know?

Facebook has experimented with various reactions over time. This has however been short-term changes, and only in specific regions.

See previous reactions:  ‘Thankful’ Reaction, 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and Halloween variants.

This article was originally published by BlueOcean Media.

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