Potato prices shockingly high


There’s been a massive increase in potato prices in the last couple of months. Consumers are expected to pay 140% more for potatoes.

The price increase comes after an unusually cold winter in Limpopo that hurt the early part of the province’s harvest.

The first potato harvests from Limpopo usually land in June and July. The main harvest come to the market in August to November.

According to data from Potatoes SA, the average market price of a bag of 10kg potatoes in South Africa reached as high as R83.

The supply of potatoes on domestic fresh-produce markets is currently 17% smaller than a year ago. 

“A small change in supply can mean a big change in potato prices.” – Dr André Jooste, CEO of industry association Potatoes SA. 

Sweet potato prices have also increased. Prices are 168% higher than a year ago, according to the agricultural market information source, AMT.

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