Thousands of seals found dead on the Namibian coastline

seals found dead

More than 7,000 fur seals were found dead on the Namibian coastline.

Conservationist Naude Dreyer of the charity Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) began noticing dead seals on the sandy beaches of Pelican Point colony – a tourist destination known for its colony of seals and schools of dolphins – near Walvis Bay city in September.

A few deaths are not unusual. But Last week I returned to Pelican Point and saw hundreds of aborted foetuses on one day. That is when the alarm bells went off.” – Conservationist Naude Dreyer

To investigate the deaths, Dreyer has teamed with Namibian Dolphin Projects’ Dr Tess Gridley and Dr Simon Elwen, and Department of Botany and Zoology professor at Stellenbosch University, veterinarian Dr Brett Gardner. 

Samples are being collected to make sense of the deaths. 

seals found dead

According to Dr Brett Gardner there are many possible reasons for the mass dying-off of the seals. 

The cause of the mass die-off is yet to be established. Scientists suspect anything from pollutants or bacterial infection to malnutrition.

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