Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Your pet’s ashes can be turned into something beautiful

Losing a pet can be one of the toughest things we have to deal with in our lives and they deserve to...

Losing a pet hurts more than you think

Having a pet is something that fascinates us, they fill us with great joy from the first moment they arrive at our...

Entrepreneurs day ideas children will love

Here are some ideas that will help our little entrepreneurs earn some extra pocket money and have fun while doing so.

How to talk to your child at every age

Different forms of communication is a great way to help develop children's language skills as the grow older. Just as simple as...

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The three accused of kidnapping six-year-old Amy'Leigh de Jager last month has returned to court for a ruling on their bail application. 

Johannesburg: World’s Largest Urban Man-Made Forest

Johannesburg has over 10 million trees and is sometimes called the world's largest urban man-made forest (although this has never been proved,...

Vehicle Servicing: 5 Essential Checks Before A Long Holiday Drive

Many people will be travelling to catch up with family during the December holidays. But before you get on the road for...