Video: Sasolburg 1961 – Nostalgic Memories


If you have lived in Sasolburg since you can remember then this video from the year 1961 will bring back great memories. 

This is a video shared by Ed Huisman who is the little boy pulling funny faces – such fond memories.

Wilfred Hillary also shared a wonderful memory:

My memories go back to when I started working at the SASOL factory in 1955. I was there as maintenance Instrumentation mechanic with the KELLOGG and South African Process Operation Staff producing the first Oil from the Kellogg Reactor and refinery. I was promoted to Instrumentation Foreman in 1956 and Assistant Engineer in 1962. From then on I was engineer with maintenance staff looking after the Power Station ,Water treatment and Sewage plant .After a period I was transferred to The German ARGE plant which was also producing synthesis oil by the FIXED BED catalyst method. In 1965 I left SASOLBURG to gain experience in Power Electrical Engineering.. In 1971 I was asked to come back and supervise the installation of the electrical power cable installation in the new Plastics plant to be build by Sentrachem and the German Hoechst Chemical plant .to be called SAFRIPOL.. After completion of the plant I became a maintenance engineer Instrumentation Retired in 1990 .During my single life I lived in the Youth Hostel , NATALIA FLATS, when I got married to The maths teacher at the High School ; Mr. VISAGIE’S daughter Elizabeth,we stayed in OWEN street , later when I returned to SASOLBURG, OERDERSINGLE .STRAAT. I am now 86 years young and have immigrated to CANADA.; where there are many SOUTH AFRICANS. I will always have nostalgic memories of those SASOLBURG days, especially the day that it Snowed .

Photo: Wilfred Hillary



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