Vanderbijlpark: Park benches painted in S.W.2


It’s great to see how much effort has been put in to make a difference in the Vanderbijlpark area.

From removing rubbish, to fixing potholes and cleaning up our parks, the ‘#selfdoenisbeterasniksdoen – team’ has really made a difference and local residents cannot thank them enough.

Here’s the completion of the park project in S.W.2

“Baie dankie aan ValveChem, Darvin Doors, Scholings, Klipkor, Groen Groener Tuindienste, Afriforum en elke individu wat die S.W.2. Park Opknap Projek moontlik en suksesvol gemaak het. Of dit nou persoonlik betrokke was, gereedskap wat geskenk was, of koeldrank en waffles wat afgelaai was, elke bietjie het gehelp. Self sal ons floreer. #selfdoenisbeterasniksdoen #skepsaamhoop” – Ruan Oosthuizen

If you would like to become part of a team that really makes a difference, simply get in contact with Ruan Oosthuizen on Facebook.


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