On the rise: Cigarette and Alcohol prices


South Africans are set to cough up even more for tobacco and alcohol, following yet another increase on sin taxes announced by finance minister Tito Mboweni.

As usual, drinking and smoking will cost you more, but Treasury is also planning to tax vapers too.

Gamblers can also be expected to start contributing towards rehabilitation programmEs for addicts.

Just as his predecessors have been doing over the years, new Finance Minister Tito Mboweni will be slapping on higher excise duties for alcohol and tobacco.

A can of beer will go up by 12 cents.

A bottle of wine by 22 cents.

Duty on sparkling wine will increase by 84 cents, while whisky will cost R4.54 more.

Mboweni also wants to start taxing electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating products.

Draft legislation will also be published soon for the introduction of a 1% gambling tax to mitigate the negative effects of excessive gambling.

Image: Eyewitness News


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