Hendrik Verwoerd’s grandson will have a seat in parliament


Dr Wynand Johannes Boshoff, the grandson of Verwoerd will represent the Freedom Front Plus (VF-Plus) in Parliament.

Wynand was able to secure a seat in Parliament after the 2019 general elections. This was mainly in part due to the growth the VF-Plus received this election cycle. 

Who is Dr Wynand Boshoff?

He currently serves the VF Plus as a councillor and the provincial leader of the Northern Cape. He is tipped to have played a key role in establishing growth in voter support in the region, as well as in Gauteng and the Free State.

He also heads up the party’s research committee and is listed as a member of their federal executive.

His political career may not be as extensive as his grandfather’s, but his growth within the party is an indication of how much his efforts are appreciated by his leadership.


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