February Sponsor: Car Care Clinic (Vanderbijlpark & Vereeniging)


Vaal Express Media is proud to announce that Car Care Clinic (Vanderbijlpark & Vereeniging) is our website and social media sponsor for the month of February.

Show your support by booking your car in at one of their local branches.

Car Care Clinic is running a massive savings promotion for March 2020.

Bookings can be made on their website: https://carcareclinic.co.za/

Vanderbijlpark: 074 622 1585 / 067 833 4187
Vereeniging: 076 250 4567 / 072 913 1217

Car Care Clinic Service Centre is a trustworthy place to take your vehicle to. They offer major services from R795. They use genuine replacement parts and a 10 000 km or 6 month guarantee.

Major car service includes:
– New spark plugs
– New air filter
– New oil filter
– New plastic inline fuel filter
– New engine oil
– Points & Condenser
– CO Test & set timing
– Adjust handbrake & foot brake
– Check and adjust V-belts
– Visual check on driveshafts
– Steering
– Fuel lines
– Cooling system
– Electrical charge and charge rates
– Diagnostic scan
– Car wash and vacuum
– Full report on all defects found


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