No exams for grade 10 & 11 – only tests


The department of basic education has decided to not have this year’s final exams for grade 10 and 11 pupils and replaced them with “controlled” tests.

This is due to a large scale of disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Controlled tests will be set up by teachers covering only the work that has been taught so far. The controlled test must cover a substantial portion of the curriculum taught, preferably work covered in all terms, wherever possible.

Exams are normally set up by the department and all learners write the same exam.

The weighting for the exams, which will be written as tests for this year only, has now been reduced from 75% to 40% while the weighting for the SBA has been increased from 25% to 60%.

Grade 10 papers will be an hour’s duration while the grade 11 papers will be two hours long.

Fundamental subjects like languages, maths and maths literacy will offer the required number of papers with a reduced duration.

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