SABC: Netflix users should pay TV licence fees

TV Licence

The SABC is proposing new changes to the South African TV licence system. It should also cover streaming services like Netflix.

In a presentation to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Communications by Deputy Communications Minister Pinky Kekana, the public broadcaster said the “outdated” definition of a TV licence needs to be adapted to fit current technologies.

During the 2018/19 financial year, the SABC generated 82% of its revenue from commercial activities and 15% from TV licences.

The broadcaster now wants to improve its licence revenue and is targeting people who use gadgets like tablets and smartphones and watch other non-SABC content.

Let’s have a look at the costs:

Netflix has three plans for South African viewers, ranging from R99 to R169 per month.

A TV licence in South Africa stands at R265 per year. First-time applicants must pay the full annual fee of R265. Renewals must be made annually.

Renewal payments may be spread throughout the year at R28 per month.

Monthly payments are subject to small premiums, leaving you with a total cost of R336 per year.

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